Instructions are in-game. Explore a vast building, infested with zombies. Will you survive?

That's about all you need to know for now ... so go ahead, press 'Run Game' :)

Help - Quests and Settings
Don't forget there's a pause menu! If you don't know what to do, you can check quests there, to see if that helps. "Indoor" quests are indoor and their pointers will only show up indoors - and vice versa. There's also settings, including a hard mode you can switch to at any time for more challenge.

Further Details
Credits in-game. Also, a reminder to everyone at school or work to stay focused and not be playing games! This game contains pixelated violence.

Fullscreen working thanks to

Controls - just in case
Move      [WASD] / [ZQSD] / [Arrow Keys]
Attack    [Space]
Pause      [Esc] / [P]
Dash        Tap [Shift]
Sprint      Hold [Shift]
Cheat Mode    Just kidding.

Development log


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Fun game

Thanks! :)